This page has been updated to Update #56.

There are 1038 Achievements in Cookie Inc. so far...

385 Achievements are Structure level re-lated achievements.

Every structure has the following achievements: 10 50 100 250
500 1000 2000

189 Achievements are Cookie Level re-lated achievements.

Every cookie set has the following achievements: Get all cookies from the set 10 25 50
100 200 400 700 1000

48 Achievements are Showcase re-lated achievements.

Every showcase item goes for 1 achievement: Get the showcase item

162 Achievements are Bakery Level re-lated achievements.

Every bakery has the following achievements: 10 25 50
75 100 125

29 Achievements are Theme re-lated achievements.

Every theme goes for 1 achievement: Discover the theme

189 Achievements are Cookie Mastery re-lated achievements.

Get every cookie in a cookie set to the following achievements: Master I Master II Master III Master IV Master V
Master VI Master VII Master VIII Master IX

36 Achievements are league re-lated achievements.

Every league level goes for 1 achievement: Reach the league level