• ThisNameIsGreat


    July 23, 2018 by ThisNameIsGreat

    Hi, my real name is Rayhan, im from indonesia (Bogor, West Java)

    I kind of understand english,and mostly, i learn english from video games! (With little help from translate of course!)

    I'm using my only phone now, it's Huawei P7-L10 (2014) I have a laptop (2012), sadly it's broken now :(

    I play Cookie collector 2 just a month ago (June 2018) Actually i ever play cookie collector 2 in 2016-'17 But, my cloud save code is expired (1 week at that time)

    I like editing wikis (not trolling) because it's cool! I Always use Classic Editor to edit, because it's simple for mobile

    Anyway, here's the cookie for you ^_^

    Note: Some typo in the title

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  • 00DogeCubeGamer00

    Welcome to my profile! The whole point you are here is to probably know what i'm doing every-day.

    I attempt to make games everyday, I play ROBLOX Sometimes, heck i even have (Sonic Mania+!) Which released July 17th on 2018.

    I also play my devices sometimes, PS4, PS3, and I-Pad.

    I Mainly Focus on playing games, while i could watch tv or make my own games up.

    I am trying to focus on making better games through-out my time, but currently I only make games on a testing program named Scratch.

    This is ALL you really need to know about me on my page.

    Have a rainbow magic cookie now! :

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  • AngelaNapoli2016

    Purchasing Upgrades

    September 19, 2015 by AngelaNapoli2016

    Normal upgrades requires cookies to buy. Premium upgrades requires money to buy instead of cookies/rainbow cookies.

    All premium upgrades are $2.99 to buy.

    All ovens are $0.99 to get.

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  • Quintonek

    What do you guys all think should be in the new update? I personally can't wait for leagues to come out. What are you guys excited about? I really hope Naveen(the game Dev) adds more structure upgrades because that would be SUPER helpful to us endgamers.

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