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If you collect a certain amount of one cookie, you'll earn a Cookie Mastery. Here are the cookie mastery's below on a list.

Look of Mastery Master ID Cookies collected by times Cookie Boost
Master I
I 25,000 Times 3x
Master II
II 120,000 Times 12x
Master III
III 250,000 Times 80x
Master IV
IV 500,000 Times 1,000x
Master V
V 1,000,000 Times 20,000x
Master VI
VI 2,000,000 Times 500,000x
Master VII
VII 5,000,000 Times 15,000,000x
Master VIII
VIII 15,000,000 Times 525,000,000x
Master IX
IX 30,000,000 Times 21,000,000,000x