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If you collect a certain amount of one cookie, you'll earn a Cookie Mastery. Here are the cookie mastery's below on a list.

Look of Mastery Master ID Cookies collected by times Cookie Boost
Master I
I 25,000 Times 10x
Master II
II 120,000 Times 100x
Master III
III 250,000 Times 1000x
Master IV
IV 500,000 Times 10,000x
Master V
V 1,000,000 Times 100,000x
Master VI
VI 2,000,000 Times 1,000,000x
Master VII
VII 5,000,000 Times 10,000,000x
Master VIII
VIII 15,000,000 Times 100,000,000x
Master IX
IX 30,000,000 Times 1,000,000,000x
Please create image here. X 80,000,000 Times 10,000,000,000x