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On the cookie swiping screen, you will see different types of cookies. Cookies will only appear on the screen if you have bought them. Depending on the type of cookie it is, swiping it will give you a certain amount of cookies. You can also upgrade cookies, however, you can only upgrade cookies in a set if you have bought all the cookies in that set. Once you have purchased four or more cookies in a set, you will be able to buy cookies from the next set.

Classic Set Edit

Cookie Type Cost Number of Cookies it gives
Chocolate Chip FREE +10
Peanut Butter 15,000 +15
Oatmeal 30,000 +25
Eaten 100,000 +60
Swirl 500,000 +150
Fortune 1,225,000 +350
Burnt 4,800,000 +1,200
Butter 1,000,000,000 +88,000

Chocolatey Set Edit

Cookie Type Cost Number of Cookies it gives
Dark Chocolate 8,000,000 +800
Plain Chocolate 27,500,000 +2,000
Chocolate Confetti 80,000,000 +4,000
White Chocolate 180,000,000 +10,000
Chocolate Filled 400,000,000 +25,000
Checker 1,000,000,000 +50,000
Chocolate Swirl 3,000,000,000 +100,000
Chocolate Caramel 1,000,000,000,000 +6,000,000

Unusual Set Edit

Cookie Type Cost Number of Cookies it gives
Marshmallow 10,000,000,000 +500,000
Spicy 30,000,000,000 +1,000,000
Sticky 100,000,000,000 +2,000,000
Bacon 150,000,000,000 +2,500,000
Cheese 250,000,000,000 +3,500,000
Coffee Bean 500,000,000,000 +5,000,000
Mutated 1,000,000,000,000 +8,000,000
Rotten 1 quadrillion +200,000,000

Cosmic Set Edit

Cookie Type Cost Number of Cookies it gives
Blue Moon 5,000,000,000,000 +20,000,000
Cactus 20,000,000,000,000 +50,000,000
Hypernova 100,000,000,000,000 +200,000,000
Funky 500,000,000,000,000 +500,000,000
Mech 4 quadrillion +2,000,000,000
Plasma 20 quadrillion +6,000,000,000
Ultimate Gem 100 quadrillion +16,000,000,000
Magic 1 quintillion +2,000,000,000,000

Fruit Set Edit

Cookie Type Cost Number of Cookies it gives
Raspberry 250 quadrillion +40,000,000,000
Blueberry 600 quadrillion +80,000,000,000
Lime Filled 1 quintillion +120,000,000,000
Strawberry 5 quintillion +280,000,000,000
Banana 16 quintillion +580,000,000,000
Green Pea 54 quintillion +1,200,000,000,000
Lemon Frosted 250 quintillion +4,000,000,000,000
Shortcake 88 sextillion +20,000,000,000,000

Fancy set Edit

Cookie Type Cost Number of cookies it gives
Half n' Half 500 quintillion
Twist 850 quintillion
8-bit 4.000 sextillion
Pineapple 15 sextillion
Cinnamon 41.999 sextillion
Red Velvet 179.99 sextillion
Apple Pie 440 sextillion
Truffle 10 septillion

Upgrading Cookies Edit

Once you have purchased all the cookies in a set, you can upgrade them. Each time you upgrade a cookie set, the cost to upgrade it again is 1.5 times more. When you upgrade a cookie set, it selects 9 (as of version 4.6) random cookies (repeats allowed) and adds a level to each of them.

Cookie Set Starting cost to upgrade
Classic 5 Million
Chocolatey 500 Billion
Unusual 50 Trillion
Cosmic 50 Trillion
Fruit 500 Quadrillion
Fancy 500 Quintillion
Nutty 500 Sextillion
Chunky 500 Septillion
Community 99.999 Octillion
Organic 99.999 Octillion
Animal 99.999 Octillion

Master Ranks Edit

When you collect a certain number of a type of cookie, it can get a Master rank.

Master Rank Number of cookies of that type collected required Value of that cookie type
I 50,000 3x
II 250,000 9x
III 1,000,000 36x
IV 2,000,000 700x

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