This page has been updated to Update #56.

Daily Gifts are a feature in-game where you can obtain rainbow cookies. The bigger the combo, the better the prize.

You can open up to 3 Daily Gifts every single day. The other 2 Daily Gifts are opened by watching an ad each. The Premium Upgrade called Generous Gifts allows the user to open all 3 Daily Gifts without watching ads, and will double the rewards. The Daily Gifts will also turn blue instead of yellow when purchasing this Premium Upgrade.

Everytime you open all Daily Gifts, this means 24 days in a row, you get a permanent completion bonus of +5%.

Note: The Daily Gift used to reset upon not opening a Daily Gift for one day, but that has been later changed.

Daily sets

This screenshot's showing completed daily gift set

Daily Gift Info
Each Day you play, you can come here and open a gift.

You get a better gift each day.

Completing a full set of Daily Gifts gives you a +5% bonus on all future Daily Gifts.

Below will list the Daily Gift Looks in a list.

Daily Gift Looks
Daily gift

A natural looking daily gift.

Daily gift-0

A premium looking daily gift.