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Daily Quests are a new feature in Cookie Collector 2.


These Quests will award various things such as Rainbow Cookies, Light Cookies and lastly Cupcakes.

There is a total of 14 Quests, once all completed, you will gain a free team gift. However, to achieve this you need to open 3 team gifts yourself. So don't open them all, open Team gifts carefully.

Here below we will list the Daily Quests.

Daily Quest Name Needed to obtain Reward
Free Pack Get 2 free Rainbow Cookie Packs. 2,000 Rainbow Cookies & 25 Cupcakes
Frenzy Fiend Activate 4 Frenzies. 1,000 Light Cookies
Time Warp Use 1 Time Warp. 50 Cupcakes & 250 Light Cookies
Milkshake Collector Collect 10 Milkshakes. 2,500 Rainbow Cookies & 200 Light Cookies
High Roller Buy 1,000 Normal Structures. 25 Cupcakes & 250 Light Cookies
Cookie Collector Collect 50,000 Cookies. 2,500 Rainbow Cookies
Participation Award Use 10 Live Events. 5,000 Rainbow Cookies & 90 Cupcakes
Finders Keepers Open 10 Loot Bags. 1,000 Rainbow Cookies & 600 Light Cookies
Upgrade Master Buy 250 Normal Upgrades. 70 Cupcakes & 200 Light Cookies
Detective Solve 1 Hidden Word. 3.000 Rainbow Cookies & 50 Light Cookies
High Praise Use 3 Cookie Gods boosts. 2,000 Rainbow Cookies & 100 Cupcakes & 200 Light Cookies
Daily Dose Open at least 1 Daily Gift. 80 Cupcakes & 250 Light Cookies
Team Player Open 3 Team Gifts. 4,321 Rainbow Cookies & 200 Cupcakes
Cookie Upgrades Upgrade 500 Normal Cookies. 2,000 Rainbow Cookies & 150 Light Cookies

Now we will go onto the info of the quests:

Daily Quests Info
Complete Quests and get rewards.

Quests will reset at midnight.

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