Dark Cookies are the new currency added in V 4.4. They can be earned by buying a Special Building. They are used to buy Mystic Portal Upgrades when your portal is level 10 or higher. These upgrades increase the following:

  • 1. Prizes found in Loot Bags
  • 2. Prizes collected from Daily Gifts
  • 3. Cupcake Collection easier
  • 4. EXP collected per cookie
  • 5. Cheaper showcase items
  • 6. Cookie's value
  • 7. Rainbow storm multiplier
  • 8. Gold/platinum multiplier
  • 9. Milk multiplier


Name of Upgrade


Good Loot Bags 20,000 Dark Cookies
Good Daily Gifts 20,000 Dark Cookies
Great Loot Bags 40,000 Dark Cookies
Great Daily Gifts 150,000 Dark Cookies
More Cupcakes 150,000 Dark Cookies
Amazing Loot Bags 300,000 Dark Cookies

Amazing Daily Gifts

300,000 Dark Cookies
Incredible Loot Bags fff
Incredible Daily Gifts
Extra Cupcakes