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The player needs to gain 1 Trillion CpS to unlock Dark Structures.

Dark Structures are used to get Dark Cookies, which can later be spent on Dark Upgrades.

Dark Structures are boosted by your total Dark Structure count. They have a starting cost of 100 Trillion and increase 10x every upgrade.

Dark Structures will be below in a list showing their info.

Dark Structure Look Dark Structure Name Bakery Required
Stone Oven Classic
Parrot Pirate
Ancient Pyramid Ancient Egypt
Glacier Ice Age
Hero Hammer Hero
Future Factory Future
Tour Vehicle Jurassic
Buggy Wild West
Fruity Drinks Tropical
Knight Helmet Medieval
Magic Key Magic
Rusted Window Abandoned
Paper Lantern Dynasty
Royal Glove Royal
Modern Chair Modern
Satellite Probe Space Station
Armoured Truck Armoured
Lucky Hat St. Patrick
Syrup Tap Canada
Pentagon 4th of July
Cauldron Haunted
Giving Tree Thanksgiving
Christmas Sleigh Christmas
Air Horn New Years
Basket of Eggs Spring
Beach Ball Summer
Chocolates Valentine's Day

Dark Structures are unusual in their boosts. They only get x2 multipliers at every milestone, and they are based on total Dark Structures.

Total Dark Structures Milestone Boosts
30 150 300 600 900 1200 1500 1800 2100
2400 2850 3300 3750 4200 4650 5100 5550 6000