Events is a features for the players who reached 500 CPS. It is the Special Boost to the players in a certain dates.

Daily Edit

Daily Gift Edit

New gift each day!

Hidden WordEdit

Start your scavenger hunt! Each word you solve gets a certain amount of tokens to spend for Showcase Items!

Loot Bags Edit

Find loot bags filled with prizes!

Special Boosts Edit

Server Date Edit

Monday Edit

Dark Structures 10% off!

Get a 10% discount to buy a Dark Structure (for example, 90 Trillion for a Parrot)! Get more discount with Dark Structure Sale upgrade!

Tuesday Edit

Bakeries Level Up 2x Faster!

Level up your Bakeries twice as fast! Get more Exp per cookie with 'Level Master' premium, dark upgrades, and bakery speed upgrades!

Wednesday Edit

2x Rainbow Cookies during Storms!

Your Rainbow Cookie you collect during a storm is worth twice as much instead of 1! Get more with Storm Boost dark upgrades!

Thursday Edit

Milk Upgrades 10% off!

All Milk Upgrades are 10% cheaper to buy! This includes Milkshakes!

Friday Edit

Cookie Gods Boost gives you 4x

After watching a video ad, you'll get 4 times boost instead of 2x!

Saturday Edit

+50% reward from Loot Bags!

When playing CC2, you multiply your reward earned from Loot Bags! Get more income to earnings with 'Lucky Loot' upgrade, and Dark Upgrades!

Sunday Edit

Milkshakes appear 2x as often!

Milkshakes will appear more often than usual! Get more with the Live Event!

Trivia Edit

Get a Reminder to remind you to play CC2 with those favorite events.

Due to updates, event schedules are changed.

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