This page has been updated to Update #56.

Frenzies are an in-game feature where the player can obtain Rainbow Cookies, or Cupcakes if they are lucky.

When the player starts out, frenzies will have 8 minutes between their occurrence. With the Premium Upgrade Powered Up Frenzies, the time is reduced to 4 minutes.

Frenzies were originally called storms, but were later changed into what they are today.

Your first frenzy each day generates twice as many cookies or cupcakes to collect. This stacks with the Wednesday Event, creating a frenzy that is 4x as powerful as a typical one.

If the player taps the frenzy countdown bar, it will display whether if it will be Rainbow Cookies or Cupcakes. If the answer is Rainbow Cookies, the player has the option to watch an ad to double the cookies spawned. If it will be Cupcakes, the bar is a lighter shade of blue and there is no ad option.

A frenzy with rainbow cookies

The frenzy that gives rainbow cookies. (Screenshot does not include ad option)

A cookie 2-1531307636

The first frenzy each day will be twice as powerful as shown here.

A frenzy with rainbow cookies-0

The frenzy that gives cupcakes.