During the gameplay, there are live events that will appear and can help you in your gameplay.
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NameFunctionBoostDurationGets fasterGet more with
On-screen CookiesAll are worth10/100/1,000 times10/20/30 secsCookies for Cupcakes for Showcase ItemsDedicated Player
Showcase Boosts
Bakery Boosts
Cupcake Boosts
Normal Upgrades
Milk Boosts
Cookie Mastery Ranks
Cookie Upgrades
Critical Collectsincreased chance to get by2/8 times10/30 secsCookies for Cupcakes for Showcase ItemsCritical Collect upgrade
Bakerieslevel up faster10/50 times10/25 secsRainbow Cookies
Bakery Boost
Leaguelevels up faster2/5/10/25 times10/25/35/45 secsRainbow Cookies
Cupcakes for Showcase Items
Frenzy timeEvery on-screen cookie you collect decreases by0.05 secs15/25 secsRainbow CookiesFrenzy Boost
Frenzy Storm
Frenzy Mutation
Cookie MasteryCookies reach Ranks faster10/20/50 times10/20/30 secsCookie Mastery BoostsEnchanted Cookies
MilkshakesAppear every2/3 secs10/20 secsMilk UpgradesMilk Crate