This page has been updated to Update #56.

Loot Bags are an in-game feature where you can obtain Rainbow Cookies and Cupcakes on a daily basis.

There are a total of 25 Loot Bags you can open every single day. The first 20 Loot Bags will be Red, which gives Rainbow Cookies. The last 5 Loot Bags will be Purple, which gives Cupcakes. There is a premium upgrade for Loot Bags called "Lucky Loot", which gives you 3x the loot from Loot Bags!


Below is the Loot Bags description.

Loot Bags Info
While playing the game, you'll automatically find Loot Bags.

Normal Loot Bags contain Rainbow Cookies and Special Loot Bags contain Cupcakes.

Each day, the first 20 Loot Bags will be Normal and the last 5 will be Special.

Below are the designs of the 2 different Loot Bags.

Red Loot Bag Purple Loot Bag
Objectium UT-1
Special Loot Bag

Loot Bags will say stuff when you open them, all the different possibilities will be listed below.

Lootbag Info Name Lootbag Info Lootbag Info Type
They're Mine! It's not stealing if you find it! Rainbow Cookies
Stranger Danger A blue furry monster gives you a bag of Rainbow Cookies. Rainbow Cookies
Come for the Samples You got handed some Rainbow Cookies to try! Rainbow Cookies
I'll Take That You just got some Rainbow Cookies for doing absolutely nothing. Yay? Rainbow Cookies
Mmmmmmmm! You loves the smell of freshly baked Rainbow Cookies in the morning! Rainbow Cookies
Looks Useful This might come in handy: sprinkles. Rainbow Cookies
Finders Keepers! You find some Rainbow Cookies in an empty room. Rainbow Cookies
Yum! Who doesn't want some delicious Rainbow Cookies! Rainbow Cookies
Oh, What's This? You stumbled across some Rainbow Cookies laying on the floor! Rainbow Cookies
Let's Make a Deal Do you have any Rainbow Cookies? Well now you do! Rainbow Cookies
Nobody Reads These Too bad nobody actually reads this or taps *here*. Rainbow Cookies (Secret)
Don't Tell Anyone A man in black slips you a bag when nobody is looking. Rainbow Cookies
My Lucky Day! Someone left some Rainbow Cookies for you! Rainbow Cookies
How Convenient There happens to be some Rainbow Cookies in a bag and nobody is around. Rainbow Cookies
Nice to Meet You A kind grandma hands you a bag of Rainbow Cookies. Rainbow Cookies
5 Second Rule They look a little dusty, but you still decide to take them! Rainbow Cookies
Just Desserts Try not to eat them all in one sitting. Rainbow Cookies
Looks useful This might come in handy: sprinkles Rainbow Cookies (Secret code)
Another One A purple bag of Cupcakes? Yes please! Cupcakes
That Was Easy Who doesn't want some free Cupcakes! Cupcakes
Safe Keeping eleven two nine one four Cupcakes (Secret code)
I'm the One Lucky you! Fresh Cupcakes to brighten up the day. Cupcakes
Cupcakes, Eh? Who knew it was this easy to get Cupcakes! Cupcakes
Special Delivery Please sign here for your Cupcakes. Cupcakes