Milk gives you boosts. This needs to be updated!

Plain Edit

Gives you a 5%-13% boost.

Required 20 achievements.

Chocolate Edit

Gives you a 10-27% boost.

Required 50 achievements

Organic Edit

Gives you a 20-44% boost.

Required 80 achievements

Strawberry Edit

Gives you a 40-72% boost when upgraded.

Required 110 achievements


Gives you a 50-90% boost when upgraded by finding a secret.

Hint: Look at all those banana cookies.

Almond Edit

Gives you a 80% boost.

Required ??? achievements

Butter Edit

Gives you a 100% boost.

Required ??? achievements

Coconut Edit

Gives you a 120%-???% boost.

Required 250 achievements

 ??? Edit

Gives you a 10,000% boost.

Required 300 achievements

Trivia Edit

Those gives you a overall boost to everything.

You need achievements to unlock milk to get a boost.

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