Premium Upgrades 1
Premium Upgrades 2
Premium Upgrades 3

Premium Upgrades are the in-app purchases. All premium upgrades requires $2.99 to purchase.

Speedy Screen Wipe Edit

The screen gets wiped twice as often! Cookies collected with screen wipes doubles the value!

Level Master Edit

Level up your bakeries twice as fast!

Critical Bang Edit

Critical Collects are worth 4x as much!

Mega Magnet Edit

All cookies will be attracted to your finger! Collect cookies no matter where they are on the screen!

Blazing Cookie Sheet Edit

The cookie sheet fills up twice as fast and gives double the boost!

Lucky Loot Edit

You'll get 2x the loot from Loot Bags AND you won't need to watch videos!

Generous Gifts Edit

Get double the reward when you open a Daily Gift and open all 3 gifts without needing to watch videos!

Powered Up Storms Edit

Rainbow Storms will happen every 4 minutes instead of 8!

Stable Energy Edit

Makes Unstable Energy a little more stable. You'll lose a structure every 30 seconds instead of 10!

Super Auto Collector Edit

Cookies collected by the Auto Collector will count towards your Cookie Sheet!

Anti Gravity Hammer Edit

Hammer does a double hit and all cookies collected by the Hammer will count towards your Cookie Sheet!

Super Scavenger Edit

Get double (2x) the Boost Tokens when you solve a Hidden Word!

Flash Forward Edit

When you collect a cookie, there's a chance for the screen to instantly become filled with cookies!

Crazy Clockwork Edit

Clockwork cookies have a 50% chance of being Crazy Clockwork (spinning counter clockwise). Crazy Clockwork cookies get a 50x boost in value!

Deep Discount Edit

The 'Structure Sale' upgrade will apply towards Super Structures!

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