This page has been updated to Update #56.

Rainbow Cookies Are a Premium Currency that can be used on: Buying Milkshakes, Buying Super Cookies/Super Structures, Buying Gold Cookies/Gold Structures, Upgrading the Bakeries level up speed, Upgrade Cupcakes boost, Buying a Time Warp, Upgrading the Badges Speed & Amount that can be on-screen, and lastly from Buying Light Cookies.

How to earn them: Edit

20171105 190226

The old look for rainbow cookies in the game.

Buying Rainbow Cookie Packs with REAL MONEY.

Finding and opening Loot Bags.

Leveling up your Bakeries.

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The new look for rainbow cookies in the NEW update.

Opening Daily Gifts and Royal Gifts.

Rainbow Cookie Frenzy - happens every 8 minutes and 4 with Premium.

Earning Your Leagues Rewards.

Typing in Secret Codes.

Doing Daily Quests tasks.

Getting the free 20,000 Rainbow Cookie Pack.

Rainbow Rush Upgrade.

Lastly from Season Rewards.

Trivia Edit

Rainbow Cookies used to have a much older look in the game, look at the difference, can you find it? It’s pretty a pretty big difference!

Rainbow Cookie Look

The BIG Old Look For Rainbow Cookies.

Rainbow Cookie Look-0

The BIG New Look For Rainbow Cookies.