Rainbow Cookies are a premium currency that can be used to buy Super Structures, Super Cookies, Time Warps, Milkshakes, Holiday Bakeries, Cupcake Upgrades, Light Cookies, Speeding up your bakery, Instant Mastery, Golden Structures/Cookies, and Golden Super Structures/Cookies.

How to earn Edit

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Buying Rainbow Cookie Packs.

Finding Loot Bags.

Leveling up your bakery.

Opening Daily Gifts and Royal Gifts

Rainbow Frenzy - happens every 8 minutes and 4 with Premium

League Rewards.

Trivia Edit

There was once a glitch, the way it was done was to spam the restore purchases button until it created 2 messages saying "You're purchases have been restored.", if you had bought any pack, you could do this as long as you could to get essentially infinite rainbow cookies, but eventually, PIXELCUBE had patched it.
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A rainbow storm. (Now called a Rainbow Frenzy)

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A cupcake storm (Now called a Cupcake Frenzy), a rare occurrence that has a 1% chance of occurring, twice as powered up frenzies premium upgrade.