Secret Number Instructions Walkthrough
1 Purchase 1 cookie press, 2 bakers, 3 dispensers, 4 wells, and 5 stands from the structures menu. (Gets Old School Theme) You need to get some cupcakes. Play to earn cupcakes, then collect cookies, and buy the structures from 1 Cookie Press, to 5 Stands.
2 Buy the first, third, fifth and seventh cookies from each set in the cookies menu, until the Nutty. (Gets Unstable Cookies) This will get hard if you don't have a first Showcase Item. Showcase and Cupcakes will be more powerful as well as Milk and Bakery Upgrades.
3 Shake your device in a rainbow cookie / cupcake storm. (Gets Silly Theme) You can simulate shaking your device on the BlueStacks Android Emulator. Simply download the game on it, import your save, and press the 'shake' button during a cookie storm. Export the save, and import to your mobile. This is only if you have a smartphone that doesn't register shaking or if you are playing on BlueStacks in the first place
4 Purchase the banana cookie from the fruit cookie collection. Once they appear on the screen, all of them must be on the screen with no other cookie on the screen. (Gets Banana Milk) Purchase 4 cookies from the first 4 sets, then buy only the Banana Cookie. Then upgrade Natural Selection to level 5/18.
5 Go to the main menu and change your bakery name to 'Tap here to name'. (Gets Special Cat Theme) You can change the bakery name by tapping/clicking your bakery name
6 Go to Profile and then stats and scroll down for a while. Will eventually come across a button called 'Weird Stats Tapped'. Tap it to unlock the secret. (Gets Emoji Secret) Go to Stats and scroll down a lot. You should eventually see Weird Stats Tapped. Tap it.
7 Go to the loot bags screen in the events menu and tap the red and purple loot bags in the order: PPRPRRPRRP (P Stands for Purple and R stands for Red). (Gets Unicorn Theme) Go to Events, then go to Loot Bags to press the icons in sequence (according to hint).
8 Get the Mystic Portal to exactly 220 cookies until leveling up, and then wait 10-30 seconds. (Unlocks black and white theme) It can take up to a minute.
9 Open loot bags one-by-one until you come across one with the title 'Nobody Reads These'. The description should be something like it's a shame nobody reads this and clicks *here*. Tap the word 'here' and you will unlock the secret (Unlocks Armoured Bakery) 'Here' is a small word, it will take a couple tries to tap it.