Settings are a feature for the players reached 5 CPS due to updates.

Type of setting What does it do?
Falling Snow Toggles the snowfall on/off (winter only).
Music Toggles the background music on/off.
Sound Toggles the sound effects on/off.
Animations Toggles all the game animations on/off. Turning this off greatly improves performance and battery life.
Falling Cookies Toggles the cookies falling in the background on/off. Turning this off will improve performance and battery life (off by default).
Finger Trail Toggles the trail that appears when you drag your finger.
Cookie numbers Toggles the numbers that appear when you collect a cookie on the screen.
Compact Numbers Numbers will be abbreviated (ex. 23,000,000,000 becomes 23 Billion [off by default, will be compacted automatically when cookies reached 1,000,000,000,000,000]).
Dynamic CPS When enabled, the 'CpS' number at the top of the screen will include the cookies you collect with your finger. (By default)

When disabled, the 'CpS' number at the top of the screen will not include the cookies collected by your finger. (Default on earliest versions)

'NEW' Badges When enabled, you'll see 'NEW' badges on everything that's new in the latest update (Off by default).
Use Cupcakes Choose if you'd like Cupcakes to boost cookie production.
Auto Collect Ovens When enabled, you won't have to tap your Ovens to collect your cookies.

Toggle Upgrades Edit

Upgrade setting What does it do?
Auto Collector When enabled, Auto Collector will collect your cookies on the screen.
Screen Wipe When enabled, Screen Wipe will wipe the entire screen of all cookies.
Spatula Splat When enabled, Spatula Splat will collect cookies after you collect a cookie (probability upgrades)
Clockwork When enabled, cookies have a chance to start spinning for 10x the value.
Finger Magnet When enabled, the finger will attract cookies to collect on the screen (works on upgrade).
Finger Trail Length When enabled, the length of the finger is longer, and when disabled, the length is short.
Full Measurements When enabled, this upgrade will give a boost to every structure you own.
Unstable Energy When enabled, this will give a massive CpS boost, but you will lose a structure every 10 (30) seconds.
Hammer When enabled, the Hammer will hammer the screen and collects all cookies in a period of time.

Other Settings Edit

Type of setting What does it do? Description
Feedback What do you think? Send us feedback and tell us what sould be included in the next update!
Export Save Keep it in a safe place! Email yourself your save file and you can import it on any device.
Import Save Import a save you previously exported. Import a save file you've previously exported (can be from any of your devices).
Support Request Find your suuport and problems here. If you contacted support, go here. (Removed)
Restore Purchases Recover previous purchases Restore previous non-consumable in-app purchases you made.

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