This page has been updated to Update #57.

Settings are a feature for the players reached 5 CPS due to updates.

General Settings
Type of setting What does it do?
Falling Snow Toggles the snowfall on/off (winter only).
Music Toggles the background music on/off.
Sound Toggles the sound effects on/off.
Animations Toggles all the game animations on/off. Turning this off greatly improves performance and battery life.
Frenzy Animations Toggles the rainbow flashing animation on/off.
Finger Trail Toggles the trail that appears when you drag your finger.
Cookie Numbers Toggles the numbers that appear when you collect a cookie on the screen.
Show Cookies per Second When enabled, you'll be able to see your Cookies per Second at the top of the gameplay screen.

The CpS amount will also include all cookies collected on the screen (not just Structures).

Achievement Notifications Toggles the achievement notifications on/off.

You still get notifications for levelling up your Bakery, Cookie Mastery and Loot Bags.

Gold & Platinum Designs When off, all Structures and Cookies will appear normal instead of Gold/Platinum (you still get your boost).
Night Mode When enabled, the screen will turn black after 30 seconds of no activity while on the main gameplay screen.

This is very useful if you keep playing overnight or don't want the game distracting you.

Toggle Upgrades
Picture Type of setting What does it do?
Finger Magnet Toggles the Finger Magnet upgrade on/off (if you've purchased it).
Natural Selection Toggles the Natural Selection upgrade on/off (if you've purchased it).
Flash Forward Toggles the Flash Forward upgrade on/off (if you've purchased it).
Picture Type of setting Description
About See who made this incredible gama :)
Secret Code Discover codes and get rewards!
Export Save Keep it in a safe place!
Import Save Import a save you previously exported.
Support Request If you've contacted support, go here.
Restore Purchases Recover previous purchases.
Version: 11.40