Showcase Items Edit

There are currently 36 Showcase Items that you can get in V.7.8. You can upgrade them by getting Boost Tokens by Doing Hidden Words challenges. Every Showcase Item triples you entire earning from everything. The upgrades improve them by going up from 3x-4x-5x-6x. The first is allowed once you get 50,000 cupcakes. But you lose everything except bakeries (don't reset their levels), Rainbow Cookies, Teams, Premium upgrades, Gold structures, Gold cookies, secrets, other showcase items, your cookie mastery, Bakery Upgrades, Cupcake Upgrades, Milk Upgrades, Milkshakes, Super structures, Super Cookies, Daily progress (Daily gifts, Loot bags + hidden words), Boost tokens, and theme, bakery levels, cookie masteries achievements will be restored gradually.

Requirements for showcase items Edit

# Requires Boost
1 50,000 x3
2 62,000 x9
3 74,000 x27
4 86,000 x81
5 99,000 x243
6 112,000 x729
7 125,000 x2187
8 138,000 x6561
9 152,000 x19,683
10 166,000 x59,049
11 180,000 x177,147
12 194,000 x531,441
13 209,000 x1.594323M
14 224,000
15 239,000
16 ?
17 270,000
18 286,000

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