There are many stages of cookie collector 2. They are usually split up into early, mid, or midgame, late game, and end game.

Early Edit

Tends to be from when the player starts the game by collecting his/her first cookie, to when they sell their bakery for the first time. It is very easy to get past this point, and most people do.

Mid Edit

In cookie collector 2, there are two stages of average players, one being mid and one being late game. Mid tends to be from when your first bakery is sold to when you have about 70k cupcakes. Mid follows up to its name and is the primary middle of cookie collector 2.

Late Edit

When you hit 70k cupcakes, things start to get quite slow, as this is when you hit the "wall"(a to be added page in the wiki). It gets very hard to get more cupcakes. getting passes the late game stage requires one of three things; being in the beta version of the game where everything is easier(spending money still, as rainbow cookies aren't much easier to get), hacking the game, which would most likely mean you would be jailbroken, or spending much time and (real)money on the tip jar. None of these options may seem very appeasing to some, which is why most don't make it to the end game.

End Edit

Ah, the end game. Well, first off Im going to say congrats to anyone who got this far, because you would need the following;

  1. all achievements but certain bakery ones, as getting all to 100 takes years of farming, and some might not have gotten the chance to get all the limited time bakeries, and the 400 of each T6, which is near immpossible, as you would need in the octodecillions to do it
  2. around 100k cupcakes or more, and would require a great deal to get
  3. all rainbow cookie upgrades, meaning all golden structures, cupcake upgrades, and about 120 of all super structures
  4. All your friend points would be filled out, so I would assume you would have spent some time with the community
  5. all secrets(easy when you put your mind to it)
  6. All milks(would have if you have all achievements, and the banana cookie secret)
  7. your cps about 1 trcedillion at least(could be more, especially as new updates come)

Incase you haven't figure it out yet, you cant get passed this stage. There are no more after it, and it wouldnt make sense as most people don't get this far.