Each structure you have gives you a certain amount of CPS. There are 45 structures (5 per Tier). The amount of CPS each structure gives you can be increased through Super Structures, Cupcakes, upgrades, milk, bakery boosts (from leveling up your bakeries), and the Cookie God boost, which gives you 2 times as many cookies.

Tier 1 Structures Edit

Cookie Press:

+1 CPS, Initial Price: 25

Cookie Press Upgrades

Upgrade: 1,500 Cookies

Golden Cookie Press: 1,000 Rainbow Cookies


+6 CPS, Initial Price: 1,700

Baker Upgrades


Tier 1 Structures

Upgrade: 10,000 Cookies

Golden Baker: 250 Rainbow Cookies


+60 CPS, Initial Price: 25,500

Dispenser Upgrades

Upgrade: 150,000 Cookies

Golden Dispenser: 7,000 Rainbow Cookies


+200 CPS, Initial Price: 204,000

Well Upgrades

Upgrade: 1,200,000 Cookies

Golden Well: 11,000 Rainbow Cookies


+1,150 CPS, Initial Price: 2,040,000

Stand Upgrades

Upgrade: 12,000,000 Cookies

Golden Stand: 16,000 Rainbow Cookies

Tier 2 Structures Edit


+5,000 CPS, Initial Price: 15,130,000

Tree Upgrades

Upgrade: 178,000,000 Cookies

Golden Tree: 22,000 Rainbow Cookies


+24,000 CPS, Initial Price: 153,425,000

Generator Upgrades

Tier 2 Structures

Tier 2 Structures

Upgrade: 1,805,000,000 Cookies

Golden Generator: 30,000 Rainbow Cookies


+105,000 CPS, Initial Price: 1,190,000,000

Train Upgrades

Upgrade: 14,000,000,000 Cookies

Golden Train: 40,000 Rainbow Cookies


+365,000 CPS, Initial Price: 7,735,000,000

Farm Upgrades

Upgrade: 91,000,000,000 Cookies

Golden Farm: 50,000 Rainbow Cookies


+1,200,000 CPS, Initial Price: 48,535,000,000

Robot Upgrades

Upgrade: 571,000,000,000 Cookies

Golden Robot: 60,000 Rainbow Cookies

Tier 3 Structures Edit


+3,200,000 CPS, Initial Price: 289,085,000,000

Waterfall Upgrades Upgrade: 5,101,500,000,000 Cookies

Golden Waterfall: 70,000 Rainbow Cookies


+15,000,000 CPS, Initial Price: 2,380,085,000,000

Temple Upgrades


Tier 3 Structures

Upgrade: 42,001,500,000,000 Cookies

Golden Temple: 80,000 Rainbow Cookies


+85,000,000 CPS, Initial Price: 26,180,085,000,000

Volcano Upgrades

Upgrade: 462,001,500,000,000 Cookies

Golden Volcano: 90,000 Rainbow Cookies


+750,000,000 CPS, Initial Price: 476,680,085,000,000

Mine Upgrades

Upgrade: 8.412 quadrillion Cookies

Golden Mine: 100,000 Rainbow Cookies


+6,000,000,000 CPS, Initial Price: 7.055 quadrillion

Storm Upgrades Upgrade: ??? Cookies

Golden Storm: 110,000 Rainbow Cookies

Tier 4 Structures Edit

Tier 4

Tier 4

Bank: Edit

+??? CPS, Initial Price: ???

Bank Upgrades Edit

??? V1: ??? Cookies

Golden Bank: 120,000 Rainbow Cookies

Cloner: Edit

+??? CPS, Initial Price: ???

Cloner Upgrades Edit

??? V1: ??? Cookies

Golden Cloner: 130,000 Rainbow Cookies

Lottery: Edit

+??? CPS, Initial Price: ???

Lottery Upgrades Edit

??? V1: ??? Cookies

Golden Lottery: 140,000 Rainbow Cookies

Vortex: Edit

+??? CPS, Initial Price: ???

Vortex Upgrades Edit

??? V1: ??? Cookies

Golden Vortex: 150,000 Rainbow Cookies

Dark Matter: Edit

+??? CPS, Initial Price: ???

Dark Matter Upgrades Edit

More Matter V1: ??? Cookies

Golden Dark Matter: 160,000 Rainbow Cookies

Tier 5 Structures Edit

Tier 5

Tier 5 Structures

Smuggler: Edit

+9 Quadrillion CPS, Initial Price: 6.630 Septillion

Smuggler Upgrades Edit

Bigger Bags V1: 200 Septillion Cookies

Golden Smuggler: 170,000 Rainbow Cookies

Telescope: Edit

+50 Quadrillion CPS, Initial Price: 99.449 Septillion

Telescope Upgrades Edit

Bigger Lens V1: 1 Octillion Cookies

Golden Telescope: 180,000 Rainbow Cookies

Laboratory: Edit

+250 Quadrillion CPS, Initial Price: 1.740 Octillion

Laboratory Upgrades Edit

V1: ??? Cookies

Golden Laboratory: 190,000 Rainbow Cookies

Tornado: Edit

+1.4 Quintillion CPS, Initial Price: 15.580 Octillion

Tornado Upgrades Edit

Blowing Cookies V1: ??? Cookies

Golden Tornado: 200,000 Rainbow Cookies

Oxygenator: Edit

+6.5 Quintillion CPS, Initial Price: 223.76 Octillion

Oxygenator Upgrades Edit

Increased Capacity V1: ??? Cookies

Golden Oxygenator: 210,000 Rainbow Cookies

Tier 6 Structures Edit

Growth Ray: Edit

+19.999 Quintillion Cps, Initial price: 4.164 Nonillion

Growth Ray Upgrades

Upgrade 1: ??? Cookies

Golden Growth Ray: 220,000 Rainbow Cookies

Splitter: Edit

+199.99 Quintillion Cps, Initial price: 82.466 Nonillion

Splitter Upgrades

Upgrade 1: 2.969 Decillion Cookies

Golden Splitter: 240,000 Rainbow Cookies

Teleporter: Edit

+1.599 Sextillion Cps, Intial price: 1.416 Decillion

Teleporter Upgrades

Upgrade 1: 50.999 Decillion Cookies

Golden Teleporter: 260,00 Rainbow Cookies

4D Printer: Edit

+14.999 Sextillion Cps, Intial price: 27.488 Decillion

4D Printer Upgrades

Upgrade 1: ??? Cookies

Golden 4D Printer: 280,000 Rainbow Cookies

Magic Factory: Edit

+132.99 Sextillion Cps, Initial price: 491.47 Decillion

Magic Factory Upgrades

Upgrade 1: 199.99 Undecillion Cookies

Golden Magic Factory: 300,000 Rainbow Cookies

Tier 7 StructuresEdit

Particle Accelerator Upgrades


Unicorn Upgrades


Nanotech Upgrades


Magic Hat Upgrades


Royal Baker Upgrades
Tier 7 Structures

Tier 7 in 2016!


Tier 8 Structures Edit


Tier 9 Structures Edit


Price Increases Edit

For each structure, the price is 1.13 times the cost of the last structure, rounded to the nearest whole number. For the first upgrade for each structure (e.g. Large Press is the first upgrade for Cookie Press, Rolling Pins is the first upgrade for Bakers, etc.) the price for each upgrade is 1.5 times as much as the last one, again rounded to the nearest whole number.

Upgrade Bonuses Edit

Each level of the first upgrade for each structure boosts the CPS for that structure by 30%. For example, four levels of that upgrade would boost the CPS by +120%. Each golden structure increases the base CPS of all of those structures by +10% for each of those structures owned(so if you have 40, you get +400% CPS). However, you can only buy one golden structure for each structure.

Other Boosts Edit

CPS earned from structures can be increased through: Super Structures, milk, cupcakes, bakery boosts, the Sunday special boost (which gives 2x cookies), and cookie boosts. Also, if you get a certain number of structures of the same tier, those structures can get a CPS boost.

Number of each structure required CPS Boost
10 2x
50 3x
100 5x
200 8x
400 12x
600 17x
800 23x
Full Gold Tier Gold Effect 10x (+100% instead of +10% per structure)

Note: These CPS Boosts are cumulative.

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