Page has NOT been FULLY updated to Update #56.

The player needs to gain 20 Trillion CpS to unlock Super Structures.

Super Structures are like structures, they increase normal structures production by a certain boost.

You NEVER lose Super Structures when you restart your game for Cupcakes or Showcase items.

Here are the super structures below.

Super Structure Looks Super Structure ID Super Structure Name Super Structure Starting Price Super Structure Starting Production Super Structure Description
A tests 2-1531243551
1 Super Grandma 20 Rainbow Cookies +1 Making Fresh cookies since you were born.
A tests 2-1531243580
2 Super RV 40 Rainbow Cookies +2 Let's bake some cookies in this run down RV.
A tests 2-1531243622
3 Super Factory 80 Rainbow Cookies +4 This compact factory bakes cookies all day long. No humans needed!
A tests 2-1531243670
4 Super Hovercraft 160 Rainbow Cookies +8 Brings in cookies over any kind of terrain.
A tests 2-1531243705
5 Super Airdrop 320 Rainbow Cookies +16 Sends a supply drop filled with cookies!
A tests 2-1531243753
6 Super Ship 640 Rainbow Cookies +32 Travels the seas in search of lost cookies.
A tests 2-1531243792
7 Super Rocket 1,280 Rainbow Cookies +64 One small step for man, one giant dome of cookies.
A tests 2-1531243837
8 Super Satellite 2,560 Rainbow Cookies +128 Use Super Satellites to triangulate the location of cookies all around the world.
A tests 2-1531243873
9 Super UFO 5,120 Rainbow Cookies +256 Fresh cookies from Mars. They've got that nice Martian aftertaste.
A tests 2-1531243899
10 Super Transport 10,240 Rainbow Cookies +512 Import intergalactic cookies. Who knows where they come from.

Now onto the boosts...

All Super Structures: Multiplier (cumulative) All Super Structures: Multiplier (cumulative)
1 2x 80 1024x
5 4x 95 2048x
10 8x 110 4096x
20 16x 125 8192x
30 32x 140 16384x
40 64x 155 32768x
50 128x 170 65536x
60 256x 185 131072x
70 512x 200 262144x