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Teams are a group of players with a maximum of 50 members in a team at once. Each team has a custom name (made by the creator) and an auto-generated 6-number passcode (if the creator decides they want a password). To join a team, leave the team you are currently in (if you're already in a team), press team, and thereshould be a list of teams that you can join. Alternatively, you can search for a friends code to join their team. If the team name is not taken by another team, you can make your own team using rainbow cookies. You can also buy Team Gifts which cost real money, giving everyone else in your team a Team Gift as well. Team Gifts have Light Cookies in them, which you can use to upgrade showcase items. When you are looking at a team, it tells you the total cookies collected by that team. There are also team ranks called Leagues where you can collect cookies and rank up, and you will be rewarded with rainbow cookies, cupcakes, and light cookies at the end of the season, depending on how many cookies you've collected. Collecting lots of cookies also benefits your team because everyone on the team gets a bonus reward depending on the team's total amount of cookies collected. Seasons end on Monday, at 11:59 EST.