In the Upgrades menu, you can level up different upgrades. Each one gives a different boost. This is the feature for those players reached at least 60 CPS.

Upgrade What it does Starting Cost Cost increase for each level Max Level
Fast Cookies Cookies will appear faster. 200 2.2x 100
Max Cookies Increases the maximum number of cookies that can be on the screen. 200 2.2x 110
Oven Baking Time Increases max away time for your oven by 10mins each. 3 Thousand 2.2X 100
Cookie Value Each on-screen cookie collected is worth more. 5 Thousand 2.4x 200
Critical Collect Increases the chances of getting a critical collect.

Critical Collects increase the value of a cookie by 50x (200x with Critical Bang).

100 Thousand 3x 85
Auto Collector Automatically collects cookies on the screen. Each upgrade makes it collect faster.

Works on cookie sheet with 'Super Auto Collector' upgrade.

4 Thousand 3x 80
Finger Trail Length The trail behind your finger is longer. 4 Thousand 2x 30
Cookie Variety Increases the chances of getting the better cookies in each Cookie Set. 1 Million 5x 70
Inner Spawn Cookies will spawn closer inwards from the edges of the screen. 20 Million 3.5x 50
Finger Magnet Cookies are attracted towards your finger.

Upgrades increase the range of the attraction.

100 Million 6x 40
Screen Wipe Clears the screen of all cookies.

Upgrades will increase how often the screen gets wiped.

100 Billion 3x 80
Spatula Splat When collecting a cookie, there's a chance for some of the other cookies to be collected automatically.

Upgrades will increase how often this happens and the amount of cookies being collected by the spatulas.

123.45 Trillion 4x 50
Clockwork Every time a cookie spawns, there's a chance for it to be Clockwork (it'll be spinning).

Clockwork cookies are 10x their normal value.

Upgrades increase the chance of Clockwork happening.

20 Thousand 4x 80
Cookie Sheet Cookies you manually collect help fill up the Cookie Sheet.

When it's full, you receive a % bonus for all cookies placed on the sheet.

Upgrades increase the % bonus.

200 trillion 4x 90
Hammer Hammers the screen and collects all cookies.

Upgrades will increase how often the screen gets hammered.

500 Thousand 4x 60
Cookie Sale All normal Cookies (excluding upgrades) are cheaper to buy. Each upgrade gives a bigger discount. 1 Sextillion 11x 50
Structure Sale All Structures (including Super Structures with Deep Discount) are cheaper to buy!

Each upgrade gives you a bigger discount.

1 Sextillion 11x 50
Unstable Energy Get a massive boost, but Structures will become unstable.

You will lose 1 Structure (randomly chosen) every 10 (30 with Stable Energy) seconds while Unstable Energy is enabled.

Each upgrade will increase the boost by 20%.

1 Octillion 120x 20
Satellite Uplink Small chance for cookies to be uploaded to the satellite when collected. Uploaded cookies will fall as Rainbow Cookies during your next Storm. Upgrades increase the max amount that can be uploaded to the satellite. 1 Nonillion 7x 50
Black Hole Sucks up all on-screen cookies into a Black Hole and increases their value by 10x. Upgrades increase how long the Black Hole stays.
  1. Upgrade Bottle of Air to exactly 33.
  2. Change your bakery name to 220228
1 Nonillion 7x 50
Full Measurements Structures use more ingredients to bake cookies faster!

This upgrade gives you a small CpS boost for each structure you own.

Upgrades increase the amount of CpS boost per Structure you own.

1 Million 16x 50
Slow Fall When the Rainbow Storm happens, Rainbow Cookies will fall slower to make them easier to collect. 90 Trillion 50x 30
Heavy Rain When the Rainbow Storm happens, more Rainbow Cookies will fall. 5 Quintillion 25x 30
Bouncy Rain Cookies that fall during a Storm have a chance to bounce off the bottom of the screen. Cookies that bounce are worth 5x. Upgrades increases the chance of cookies bouncing. 500 Quintillion 35x 50
Bottle of Air Used for the Black Hole upgrade 10 10x ???
Crazy Hand A hand that wanders around the screen and collects cookies!

Upgrades increase how fast the hand moves.

1 sextillion 7x 50
Black Hole Watch as your cookies get sucked in!

Every cookie sucked is worth 5 times more! Upgrade causes the Blach Hole to spawn more frequently.

1 Quintilllion 3.15x 20