New Cookies/Set: Edit

(Set) Sugar Rush

Glazed Strawberry Flower | Lemon Short Bread | Chocolate S'more | Ginger Sugar | Chocolate Drizzle | Frosted Flower | Caramel Walnut | Graham Cracker.

Mini Events: Edit

Tap The Icon when it appears + Enjoy your good bonus during the short event :D

Leagues And Season Improvements: Edit

Easier to earn Rainbow Cookies from Weekly Seasons | Most Leagues require 4X Less Cookies to reach the next league | League rewards decreased by 2.5X | Leagues screen shows what your current League is.

Team Improvements: Edit

Inactive Players automatically get kicked after 30 days + Fixed bug when trying to join or create certain teams.

Balance Improvements: Edit

Team Gifts give 2.5X more boost tokens + Solving hidden words give 2X more boost tokens | Increased boost for Mastery Ranks | Bakery Themes don't reset their levels after Showcase reset + Bakery Theme levels Give much more rainbow cookies at higher levels | Amazing + Incredible loot bags give less % | Decreased boost of Structure Upgrades | Wednesday Event now Doubles every Rainbow cookie during a storm instead of 2X more falling | Cookie value is easier to upgrade | Don't lose Themes when you do a Showcase reset | Special Loot Bags have more Cupcakes | Don't Lose milk upgrades when you do a cupcake/showcase reset.

Also New: Edit

Buy All Cookies button when viewing a Cookie set | Buy MAX amount for Cookie Upgrades | Toggle Achievement notifications in settings | Swipe to Collect Milkshakes | Renamed Community to Multiplayer + Multiplayer screen remembers where you last scrolled | See Bakery Boost when you press the red Bakery level bar | Tap anywhere to skip Time Warp Animation | Renamed Special Structures to Dark Structures | Improved performance when buying structures.

Bug Fixes: Edit

Fixed bug where Bouncy rain didn't reset after cupcake/showcase reset | Fixed bug where time warp didn't reset after cupcake or showcase reset + Fixed bug With Time Warp Cookies calculation | Fixed Typo For a Showcase Item + Fixed bug where Dark Cookies didn't immediately update after upgrading a showcase item | Fixed lag with Cupcake Storms | Fixed Bug with Flash Forward on slower devices | Fixed bug where Mystic Portal Screen would show the wrong cookies when using the invisible/invisible dark theme | Fixed bug where Tip Jar Capacity text wouldn't immediately update after opening it | Fixed bug where Structure Bonus didn't immediately display the CpS Value | Fixed bug where Time Warp and Ovens wouldn't count towards your Lifetime cookies in your stats.

There is also 7 achievements added.